Wavy Hairstyles – Tips on How to Look Good in Waves

If you plan on changing hairstyles, wavy hairstyles are worth checking out. Even if you plan to stick to your current hair style, having a few wave hairstyling tricks and tips up your sleeve is a great plus. People are born with curly, straight or wavy hair. You can change your hair along the line of fashion. A wave haircut could look fantastic on you. So take time, grab all the tips you can about having healthy wavy tresses.

To look like Zoe Kravitz, you could steal any of her wavy hairstyles. Her tousled waves always look good especially when coupled with a slouched hat. She knows her styling really well and this is what she does. She starts by working a texturizer through unwashed hair and allowing it time to set. She then wraps sections around a 2 inchcurling iron to get natural waves. She then spritz the waves using a hairspray. Allow the hair to flow over both shoulders and wear abeanie or slouchy hat on top of it all.

What if you don’t sport long tresses like our celebrity Zoe? Even if you have short hair, you can still rock wave hairstyles as they are independent of hair length. Short waves will look great on day-old hair. Apply and work through a texturizer on dry hair. Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron, curl sections of hair to create relaxed waves. Use bobby pins to pin up the hair at the back. This will give you an angled look that is elegant and beautiful. For more movement, apply styling wax to the front layers.

For ladies with medium length hair, you can still sport a wave hairstyle. Amber Valetta is known for her simple but stylish medium wave hairstyles. You can copy her style to get the shoulder length sexy look. As soon as you step out of the shower, divide your hair through the centre. Have some wave enhancer nearby. Apply the enhancer on the damp hair and let it dry to achieve a natural texture. When dry, curl sections of your hair using a one and half inch curling iron to amp your waves. Take the side sections and pin up them at the back of the head using bobby pins.

Wave hairstyles will look great when paired up with hair accessories such as headbands and hats. Don’t miss out on beautiful styles by leaving your hat behind. Throw on a beanie if you don’t own a hat. Use hairspray to keep your tresses shining and healthy.