Shag Hairstyles – Choosing the Right Shaggy Look

You can always sport a shaggy look regardless of your hair length or texture.Shag hairstyles will give you a shaggy look easily and with little effort. A shag hair cut will have you looking like your favorite celebrity in no time at all. Jordin Sparks, Baby Shauney and Jessica Biel have on several occasions sported these shag hair cuts. This is how to jack any of their styles and step out in their swagger this season.
Shag hairstyles would be difficult to pull off if only they were a complicated lot, but they are not. In fact, getting a shaggy hair cut is very simple to say but the least. This type of hairstyling is also very versatile with a million and one styles to choose from. As such, you will be able to sport a beautiful yet different style on different days. Yet another reason why looking like Jordin, Jessica or Shauney is a few paragraphs ahead.
Medium shag hairstyles will look good on people with medium length hair. Having medium length is not everything. If your hair is very frizzy or curly, a medium shag hair cut won’t look as good. Simply put, this medium shag affair will work on most people with medium hair. The styling revolves around adjusting the layers to suit the shape of your face, something even a novice wouldn’t fumble about with. Trim down your hair every 6 – 8 weeks to keep it clean and in shape.
If you wish to experiment and play around with different looks, you can try the wavy shag hairstyles. If you want a messy-on-purpose and drop dead sexy look, this is your treat. Go easy on the wavy shag haircuts if you spawn fine hair as the styling involved will make the hair look sparse, a thing we all love to hate. Too much choppy pieces will make your hair susceptible to frizz. To maintain the wavy silhouette, use a curling iron on straight hair to add some waves.
If rock star texture and styling is your thing, long shag hairstyles will blow your mind off. If you wish to sport a Avril Lavigne look but without all the fuss, you will fall head over heels in love with the simplicity, versatility and convenience of the long shag styles. And all you need is air-drying and a little product. This style lightens thick coarse hair and adds texture to finer hair. By the help of sharp scissors, cut your hair to leave the ends feathery and hitting the bottom of your ears. You can leave it to grow for 7 months with minimal trimmings every 3 – 4 months.