Ponytail Hairstyles – Not Just a Bad Hair Day

We are all guilty of it, whether it is a bad hair day or we ran out of time trying to get the kids ready in the morning. We grab a hair tie and are done; a boring, but easy ponytail hairstyle.  With a minute or two of extra effort you can convert your basic ponytail hairstyle into a beautiful and elegant look you can feel good about all day long.
For anyone lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, a ponytail hairstyle which looks fantastic is easily achieved. After combing off your face, pull your hair to one side, secure low with a hair tie. Add a few pins to the other side to help the hair stay in place and you are done. For the rest of us we may need the aid of a curling wand and hairspray to help us achieve this beautifully flowing hairstyle. Curl your hair loosely, secure to the side as discussed above and cover in a lightmist of hairspray to hold the look in place. This style is casual enough to wear every day and addsa little bit of elegance to your look.
For straight hair a sophisticated ponytail hairstyle to try is the sleek look. Dry your hair completely smooth, you may need to use a flat iron to help with the process. Comb your hair backwards and secure high on your crown with a hair tie. Spray liberally with hairspray to control any flyaway hairs you may have. For an added element of sleekness, separate a small section of hair from underneath your pony tail and wrap around the hair tie a few times. Secure the end underneath with a hidden bobby pin. This look is beautiful for a night out and will compliment any little black dress.
For a ponytail hairstyle with more body, a little bit of teasing is in order. Run your fingers up from your ears on both sides; hold this section of hair in one hand and with the other tease from the roots up. Apply hairspray to the teased section to hold the body. Let go of the hair and use a comb to gently pull your hair back into a high ponytail. This ponytail hairstyle adds a twist to your everyday look.
No matter what the occasion, or how much time you have, it is no longer necessary to resort to the same look every day. Your ponytail hairstyle can be altered quickly and easily to give you a versatile style which compliments your day and night life.










Updos – Elegant Hair for Formal Occasions

So the invitation has arrived, it may be the social event of the decade, or a fancy night out with your partner, not only will you need the perfect dress but you will need the perfect hairstyle. For a truly elegant look an updo is just what you are looking for. Updos are the perfect accompaniment for any evening dressand can be created from chin length to long hair.
One of the traditional updos which has been the mainstay of women for decades is the classic look. Using freshly washed hair which has been tightly curled begin at the crown and begin lightly teasing your hair near the roots. Work towards the front of your hair, creating body as you go. Take a small section giving a light twist which is then secured with a bobby pin allowing a short curl at the end. Apply this action to the remaining hair. Small flowers or beads can be added throughout to decorate the style.
If you don’t have time to curl your hair sexy updos are still achievable. Part your hair on one side and brush smooth. Starting from the top begin loosely pulling your hair towards the back in loops. Secure each loop with a bobby pin. Work your way down until all of your hair is gently looped and pinned. You can either twist and pin the hair at the back or use a stylish butterfly clip to hold the hair in place.
A very simple and easy updo is the Bohemian style. Updos like these are achieved quickly and do not require any extensive preparation. Use either a straight or zigzag part to divide your hair into two sides. Starting on one side you need to separate two pieces of hair at the top, twist the hair together adding small amounts of the loose hair each twist. This is similar to how you would braid your hair. When all the hair on one side is incorporated secure the twist with a hair tie. Complete the same twist on the other side. The next step is to pull one twist around the back of your head and secure under the opposite twist. Repeat again with the other side. Add more bobby pins along the twist where needed to hold in place.
Updos range from the elaborate to the simple, all complimenting your evening wear. No matter what style you are looking for with a little practise you will easily be able to create the perfect look for your occasion.