Mokawk – Sport the Rihanna Look

Rihanna is known to have a big thing for mokawk hairstyles. Mokawks are worn by teenagers to express 
their personalities. They are also great hairstyles to add to your normal everyday hairstyles. There are days when you want people to peer into your personality. On such days, a mokawk will come in handy. Rihanna wears her mokawks on and off the set, and she looks great. Maybe it is time you also got a piece of the mokawk action.
You can jack any of her many mokawk hairstyles. Mokawk is a close cousin of Mohawk, the ever popularhairstyle common with rock and pop stars. With mokawk, you can add tonnes of detailing and styling according to your taste. You can have your mokawk braided for a more beautiful stance. You can have the mokawk dropped to one side for a sleeker look. You can use different color shades if you are bold enough. Practice caution enough to know where to stop as some color shades will have you looking like a clown.
Older and younger women alike can sport a mokawk hairstyle. Mokawk hairstyles cut also the generation divide. There are simple styles for the older women. These don’t use bold colors or styling. Older women tend to go for short mokawks. You can only achieve subtle mokawks using short hair. Older women will also settle for single colored mokawks. Blonde or red mokawks are particularly liked. Younger women and teen girls prefer spiked and brightly colored mokawks. After all, whatever mokawk style you choose depends on your personal tastes.
Mokawk hairstyles allow to be creative and express yourself while having fun. Mokawks can be high on maintenance especially the coloring part. As colors are an essential part of mokawks, you need to invest well in maintaining the colors. Since mokawks are great hairstyles, every single effort is worth it. Maintenance can be a challenge when starting out but the moment you get accustomed to the entire affair, you will love every moment of it.
mokawk hairstyles 2011
Mokawks hairstyles are easy to style. Start off by washing your hair with the right products. Towel dry and apply a strong hold hair gel using your fingers. You can use sculpting gel for this. Using a comb or fingers, make spikes and blow dry your hair. While blow drying, hold your spikes in an upward position. Use hairspray after blow drying to get the final shine. Blow dry again to dry the spray and maintain the style.