Half Updos Hairstyles– Day and Night

For anyone looking for a convenient and easy hairstyle, half updos allow you to transition from day to night with a minimum of fuss. Suitable for the office and the dance floor, half updos are easily created and look fantastic with your business suit or little black dress.
For those of you with long hair, half updos allow you to create an elegant look while maintaining your length. For a sleek look section the sides and front of your hair from the ears forward. Hold each section with a clip. Separate a large section of hair over your crown and tease using a brush. Twist this hair into a bun and secure into place with bobby pins. Now divide each of your front sections into smaller amounts and tease lightly. Brush each part over the bun and secure in place with pins. Make sure the bun is completely covered.
For a softer look or for people with curly hair the above style can easily be altered to compliment your hair type. Once you have created the bun on your crown, begin to loop small sections of curls over the bun and secure with bobby pins, make sure the bun is completely covered. Looping curls over the bun allows you to create a softer look while maintaining fullness. The remaining hair can be pulled to one side over your shoulder. Half updos like this are perfect to wear with dresses for any occasion.
For anyone looking for medieval or roman half updos, learning how to braid or plait hair will come in handy. Begin by creating a straight or zigzag part. Section the front of the hair up to the ears. Plait or braid the two sections of hair so it is long enough to reach the back of your head. Use small elastics to tie off each braid. You may choose to create one large braid on each side or divide your hair into smaller sections to create smaller braids. Pull to the back of your head and secure all braids together with a hair tie. Allow the remaining hair in the braids to fall down with the rest of your hair. For a medieval look try adding flowers at random intervals along the braids, this will create a romantic style.
Half updos are perfect for everyday or formal wear. The same hairstyle you wear to work can become a stylish look for the night with little or no fuss making sure you look fantastic where ever you are.

Spiky Hairstyles – Look Fiercely Sexy

Short spiky hairstyles became popular when women of different ages and class let go of the notion that to look sexy and feminine, you mustspawn long and flowing hair. Women took toshort hairstyles with the same agility they had for the long hairstyles. Many are going spiky, thanks to the versatility of this hairstyle. It is important to have a few hairstyling techniques up your sleeve as you just can’t let this spiky affair pass you.
Good thing with spiky hairstyles is that there is always something for everyone. Hair cuttingand styling techniques have become very diverse. This has made short hairstylespopular with women across the generational divide. You will easily spot an older women rocking short spiky hair on one side of the town and a celebrity sporting the same hairstyle in a different part of the town. In fact, many celebs are known to let go of their long tresses and sport a spiky hairstyle instead.
With spiky hairstyles, you will certainly get a style that suits the shape of your face, your tastes as well as personality. A spiky hairstyle allows you to portray edginess and a touch of boldness. You can have your hair colored to your taste. This will greatly help in enhancing personality. You should consider the hair texture, body shape and style of haircut before going for a spiky haircut. If you have a square face, a spiky hairstyle will look good. If on the other hand, you have a long face, a long hairstyle will do the trick.
Spiky hairstyles won’t work well with fine hair. To spawn punk spiky hairdos, you will need thick hair. This type of hair is easier to cut and style into sharp spikes. Having thick hair is not enough though. You mustknow which parts of your head need highlighting and which parts need hiding. If yours is a very short affair, you won’t be able to conceal facial features you might to want to hide. Short hair will however give you more room to flaunt your eyes and lips.
Maintenance is less demanding for short spiky hairstyles. On the hand, if you can’t seem to keep your hands off any modern spiky hairstyle, you will need to plan well aside from appropriately investing time and finances. This is truer especially when starting out but the sooner you get the hang of it, the easier and cheaper it will get. When you learn the basic techniques and tricks, you will be able to get out of the house quicker.


Layered Hairstyles – Get the Unique Look

No other hairstyle turns heads and garners a bagful of compliments such as a layered hairstyle. Layered hairstyles are great additions to normal hairdos. Having your hands on more than just a few hair stylingtechniques is a great thing. Not only will you be able to get out of the house quicker in the mornings but you will also be able to spot different beautiful looks any other day. Layering hair allows you the flexibility every woman wants when it comes to hair styling.
A layered hairstyle will completely transform any simple hairstyle to a beautiful and elegant one. Layered hairstyles also allow you to maintain a positive and powerful stance no matter the day. It doesn’t even matter how long your hair is since layering works with short, medium or even long hair. Another plus for layering is that these hairstyles aren’t difficult to maintain in terms of personal effort, financial and time investment.
Layered hairstyles come in diverse variations. Whichever style you settle on depends on personal preference or tastes and the personality you intend to bring forth. With the many options to pick from, you are definitely spoilt for choice. The versatility of it all allows you to put into practice many diverse styling techniques. Styling is also independent of your age bracket. Older and younger women alike have sported and looked amazing in these styles.
If you spawn long tresses, layering got you covered. There are long layered hairstyles for people who sport long hair. These are unique choppy layers that leave you looking feminine and drop dead sexy. Long and flowing hair is beautiful, but long and flowing layered hair is more than just beautiful. It is a mark of boldness, style and elegance. It is important to go subtle when layering long hair. The main objective here is bringing to life the image of thicker hair while preserving intense facial features.
If on the other hand you are lucky enough to spawn short hair, you could wear any of the short layered hairstyles. Get inspired by a short, well cut and much defined layered hairstyle. Emphasis is placed on the front and sides sections of the hair. Short layers are added to these sections. Styling gel in thrown into the entire affair for clearer definition and improved texture. The edges are flicked out for added flair. The hair is also parted at the front for an improved look. If you hair is neither short nor long, you can settle for medium layering.