Winter fashion trends – Mango 2011 collection for men

The new Mango Winter 2011 collection for men was introduced through the well-known clothing division called He By Mango (Homini Emerito); it is comprised by two lines: City Workers and Retro Mountain.
Regarding the style of City Workers, it is a collection for men which is highly related to the urban style, based on beautiful blue and gray shades; on the other hand, Retro Mountain is based on mountain clothing for men with a style that is intended to be more casual and sporty.

The most remarkable things in this new men’s Winter clothing collection marketed at the Mango stores are the use and variety of fabrics and prints. Maybe some people  thought they would never see again the classic knitted jumper or prints with a marbled style on jerseys and jackets as important parts of new fashion collections but, for Mango, apparently these things are considered significant features  and have become current and strong fashion trends.

Besides, this Mango fashion collection for men also includes beautiful leather windbreakers in nice colors such as ochre and dark brown. The images that you can see show some items of the City Workers line with very classic designs that are not specially radical or unique. The most notable accessory is a visor beret that gives a 1930s feel to the looks.